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There are many kinds of clairvoyance

Life reserves many facts, phenomena that we do not know. We are sometimes curious to know them in advance hoping that we could avoid them or block them. The man then found an answer to that. Others already have the gift of foreseeing the future and others are doing a thorough study of psychology and astrology. It is an art that serves to have a clear, objective and penetrating view of things. It encompasses retro cognition and precognition. That is, an extra-sensory perception of the past and a knowledge of information about future events and situations.

Demonstration of clairvoyance

People consult clairvoyants for multiple reasons. The most common are the meaning of dreams often related to emotions and predominant feelings of human psyche. Dreams create connections between the unconscious and the conscious, so the interpretation is complex. Other than that, there is the communication with the spirits using the mediums that can feel the influence of the spirits and transmit their thoughts, the chance in love, in work, basically all about the future. To benefit, it is now possible to do a free phone psychic reading.

Positive clairvoyance

Positive clairvoyance, otherwise called voluntary, is the one by which the individual can voluntarily see and investigate in the inner world. He is his own master in everything he does. This clairvoyance is developed by a pure life and a life of service. The clairvoyant must be carefully instructed in his use so that the consultation is totally effective and useful.

Negative clairvoyance

Negative or involuntary clairvoyance exists when scenes quite independent of the clairvoyant's will occur. He sees only what he has to see and can not in any way be master of his vision. For this clairvoyance, there may be risks. It leaves the exposed person to be possessed by disembodied entities. At worst, he risks his life.

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